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Massage therapy has been practiced throughout the centuries.  Here you can find specialized massage treatments such as:



This age old therapy not only promotes a sense of well-being, but can also provide relief from every day stress, tension and muscle aches.  Additionally, the specific combination of massage techniques used here, basic sports massageneuromuscular therapy,myofascial releaselymphatic techniques and a variety of trigger point therapies, distinguishes this specialized massage from others.

Here is a sample of some of the common conditions that are helped with massage:  low back and neck pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatica, TMJ disorder, migraines, rotator cuff injuries, fibromyalgia and sports injuries.  Additionally, there many more conditions that massage helps with that are not listed.

I also enjoy working with those of the disabled population.  Such as those who have cerebral palsy and down's syndrom.  Massage can be very helpful to the disorder that the patient has, relieving many of the symptoms experienced.

As a massage therapist, my goal is to provide you with the best possible care so you can experience better health and well-being.

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